Our Results

Client Testimonials

"I can now look for opportunities to encourage and assist staff members in achieving their potential."

- Product Development Manager, Avant -

"Re-enforced my own behaviours and allowed me to accept that my style is relevant, powerful and constructive"

- Manager RTA -

"The one on one coaching was fantastic and really tailored to where I was in my next career step"

- Procurement Specialist, IBM -

"You cannot lead anyone if you can't lead yourself. To be effective as a leader requires you to be introspective and understand who you are"

- Corporate Services Manager, Avant -

"I have the confidence to be more powerful in my advice to managers. Be more powerful in the way I make decisions. Recognise the different behaviours in others"

- Finance Manager RTA -

"To clarify my goals...I was very undecided and more importantly, did not have confidence that I could achieve what I aspired to. I know my direction now"

- Project Manager, IBM -

"The topics covered were relevant to my past, present and future career - and personal life"

- HR Consultant, Australia Post -

"The 1:1 coaching was extremely helpful in the stage of my career and life. I was able to identify what was really important to me and what I wanted. I identified some beliefs that were perhaps holding me back from being happy with my choices. I am now happy with work life balance"

- Security and Risk Manager, IBM -

"Networking and building the relationship with other participants. Also having a coach to discuss some of the concepts in a personal level"

- Business Operations Professional, IBM -

Excellent personal coaching which increased my confidence in my ability as a leader. Operations Manager, IBM.