Survey Results

What participants say about our programs*

  • 90% said they would recommend the program to a colleague/other organisation.
  • 90% said they agreed/agreed somewhat that the program enhanced leadership skills.
  • 98% said they agreed/agreed somewhat that the program increased self awareness.
  • 82% said they agreed/agreed somewhat that the program led to the creation of a personal development plan.
  • 98% said they agreed/agreed somewhat that the program identified leadership and management preferences and strengths.

*Survey conducted in 2012 for participants from previous programs (2005-2011)

This Word Visual has been created using comments and feedback from our participants.  The larger the word, the more times it occurred in the qualitative feedback we ask participants to complete following a program. It isn’t an exact science but we hope it will give you a feel of the key impressions and thoughts which our participants have after completing a program.


"It made me more aware of my strengths and the fields that I would be strongest working in"

- Manager, IBM -

"The program has been great to really understand my leadership style and how to leverage my strengths"

- Manager, IBM -

"Excellent personal coaching which increased my confidence in my ability as a leader""

- Manager, IBM -

"Personal coaching sessions which allowed me to believe that you CAN balance family commitments with career progression. It also confirmed for me the importance of following my passion and being brave enough to make the decisions that take me down that path."

- IBM -

I can now look for opportunities to encourage and assist staff members in achieving their potential. Manager, Avant.