Linking individual and organisational success

We run a number of programs combining group workshops and coaching.  All our programs are customised to ensure they meet the needs of the organisation and individuals attending.  We run both in-house and open programs.

We understand employees are an organisation's greatest asset and believe that helping individuals achieve more is the key to organisational success.  

Our programs are designed to address real life business issues and assist people develop the skills they need to enhance their leadership capabilities as managers.

The results for individuals and organisations are very powerful and participants complete the program with greater self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, engagement, career direction and increased desire to succeed.

Our programs challenge each participant to take a deep dive into their own development, address real life business issues and develop skill and capability in leading others.  We use a combination of faciliators, coaches and guest speakers.


Key responsibilities are to ensure an enjoyable and productive group learning experience through the delivery of the program curriculum, encouraging discussion amongst participants, and connecting core themes and issues raised throughout the duration of the program to ensure appropriate learning outcomes. The Facilitator is also the core point of contact with the Coach and participants.


The role of our Coaches is to help participants identify their specific skills, interests, abilities and goals within the individual sessions and work with participants to determine an appropriate action plan to ensure those aspirations are realised. Participants will work with one Coach through the duration of the program, who will listen, offer advice, encourage and challenge you. The Coaches associated with the Steps Programs are highly qualified and have been selected through strong referrals and endorsements of recognised businesses.

Guest Presenters

Our Guest Speakers have acquired considerable experience and achieved significant results within their field of expertise and they provide participants with a fresh perspective on particular business issues. 

I can now look for opportunities to encourage and assist staff members in achieving their potential. Manager, Avant.