Our program delivers a return on investment

Steps Leaders partners with individuals and organisations to build sustainable sucess through improved leadership performance. 

We understand that the link between individual achievement and organisational success is vital.  Our work helps individuals and organisations to transform.  We find that employees are better engaged and motivated following completion of the program with a clear career plan and the confidence to progress through their organisation.


  • The program had a high ROI for Optus.  One of the skills I valued highly was in the area of effective communications.  These skills not only gave me a formula to use myself with my team but I was able to teach my team these skills to help them with their communications   It gave us consistency.    

                                                                                                                                                  Optus Operations Manager


  • Avant engaged Steps Leaders at a critical time for our business.  Having just completed a merger to form Australia’s largest Medical Defence Organisation with a combined history of 250 years, it was a time of great change. Accordingly, it was imperative for us to build a leadership culture that reflected and supported the company’s newly formed values. We have now been working with Steps for over 18 months and we have enjoyed experiencing the terrific progress our people, teams and business has made in key priority areas. Steps has provided a range of customised in-house programs for our people from frontline manager levels up to the Executive Team. The programs Steps have developed for Avant have allowed our people to go on a journey and enabled them to develop an appreciation for different styles of leadership and how to behave as a leader in different situations. Fundamentally, our people understand themselves more, understand each other more, and now perform at a higher and more constructive level.It has been a pleasure working with Steps – their relaxed yet highly professional approach has made this journey an enjoyable one and they have brought to Avant what we consider to be an absolutely first class solution.

                                                                                                                                                                         Rebekah Silver
                                                                                        General Manager - Human Resources  Avant Mutual Group Limited



  • My CEO recommended the Professional Step program to me at a critical time in my career: I was an Operations Manager, at the point of amalgamating the operations and sales teams, preparing to manage more direct reports and assume strategic responsibilities. The program connected me with like-minded people who were at similar points in their careers. Through the individual coaching sessions, I benefited by identifying areas I needed to focus in terms of my leadership and how to best manage issues in the business. The group sessions also provided me with a broader knowledge base through the shared experiences of the group. Overall, the Professional Step program was a valuable experience and a good investment by my business. I gained skills and tools that have helped me become a better leader, and as a result, confidence in my ability to be successful in my new role as my career plan evolves. 

                                                                                                                                    Liz Anderson, Sundowners Overland


Excellent personal coaching which increased my confidence in my ability as a leader. Operations Manager, IBM.