Why are Steps Leaders different?

“It is that middle tier that makes the most impact on corporate performance.” Sabri Challah (Deloitte) The Times CEO Summit 2012


In many organisations, the leadership skills of very senior executives get most of the attention.  But improving business performance in today's competitive environment needs more than just good executive leaders - it needs leaders at every level of the business.

At Steps Leaders we want to inspire you to change the way you think, work and interact - to become a leader.

Our team has extensive professional experience in creating the secure and confidential environment need to help you accelerate your leadership learning process.

Our programs guide and challenge you to take a close look at your professional development, address real life business issues and develop the skills and capability you need to lead others.

Who are we?

For over 15 years, Steps Leaders has worked with large private, public and quasi-government organisations around Australia. In that time we have engaged and educated over 1000 people in new ways to improve their experiential leadership and coaching skills.

Many organisations return to us year after year for assistance, clearly demonstrating the strength and success of our programs.

Steps Leaders also enjoys the professional support of our sister company, The Executive Connection (TEC), which is the world’s foremost international CEO and business leader mentoring organisation.

Through TEC we have access to a wide range of professional and educational resources, including international speakers and facilitators. 

 The Executive Connection

The course was a great empowering experience. Manager, Avant.