Professional Step

A unique 8 week program to assist individuals managing teams or key business relationships to perform at their best today and to enable greater career opportunities in the future.  The progam combines 4 half day workshops and 4 individual coaching sessions.  

Professional Step participants are typically:

  • Responsible for people and / or in roles requiring high-level influencing skills
  • Under-exposed to coaching and leadership development
  • Regarded by the business as individuals to invest in and retain
  • Seeking leadership development opportunities
  • On the cusp of their organisation's talent pool
  • Showing potential to succeed in senior management roles

Professional Step participants may also:

  • Be unaware of how colleagues perceive them
  • Lack confidence in managing upwards
  • Require specific leadership skills development
  • Lack the ability to successfully differentiate themselves for promotion


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The course was a great empowering experience. Manager, Avant.