Top Steps - Women Leaders

Participants on our Women Leaders program will be looking for an opportunity to attend a program just for women. This provides a unique networking experience and an opportunity to hear about other women’s life experiences and career paths at different levels and across other industries. It also provides a wonderful environment for reflection and networking, as well as providing individuals with the skills they need to enhance their leadership capabilities as managers.

We have run numerous women-only programs over the past 12 years and here a few comments from recent participants…

“More in control of my own career. An eye opener. A reminder that we are responsible for our own career/future/life. Learned lots of new skills for dealing with people, pressure, issue, at work and at home. To me, this is the best course I have attended.”
- IBM Operations Manager

“Personal coaching sessions which allowed me to believe that you CAN balance family commitments with career progression. It also confirmed for me the importance of following my passion and being brave enough to make the decisions that take me down that path.”
- IBM Finance Manager

“Networking with other attendees. Increased myself awareness and confidence” Vic  Govt Department Early Childhood Education."
- Manager

“Networking and building the relationship with other participants. Also having a careers coach to discuss some of the concepts in a personal level.”
- Manager RTA

An excellent program, it inspired me to fully expand my leadership role. Finance Manager, RTA.