Coaching Steps

A two day introductory program to introduce, demystify and practice fundamental elements of coaching in a business environment. We help participants understand and develop their own coaching style and create a sustainable coaching mindset.

Coaching Steps Participants are typically:

  • Responsible for people and /or in roles requiring high level people skills
  • Require more people management skills in their toolbox
  • Regarded by the business as individuals to invest in and retain
  • Seeking to understand the nuances of creating a coaching culture
  • Showing potential to succeed in senior management roles
  • Want to understand how they can use coaching to develop others

Two Day Workshop

Coaching Foundation, Tools and Techniques

  • Through the use of critical reflection we'll help you understand and develop your own coaching style and create a sustainable coaching mindset.
  • We'll explore the differences and similarities between coaching, training, mentoring and counselling and help you understand when is the right time to use each framework.
  • We'll give you some simple coaching tools and techniques to use whilst practicing coaching  and being coached in real time.
  • Drawing from a wide range of approaches  in the field including Coaching Psychology, Positive Psychology, Adult Learning, Human Potential and Sports we'll help you understand which tools you're suited to, and when to use them to get great results.


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An excellent program, it inspired me to fully expand my leadership role. Finance Manager, RTA.