"The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organisation's ability to learn faster than the competition"- Peter Senge


What Leaders Really Do  John P Kotter. First Published in HBR 1990

Explores the differences between managers and leaders. A fabulous thought provoking read which will likely cause discussion and debate for many managers and leaders. Are most organisations “over managed and underled?”

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Why Should Anyone Be Led By You  Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones  Published in HBR September 2000

If you’re struggling to find the answer to this question for yourself then its worth a read. This is a wonderful, insightful article which challenges leaders to dig deep and look at themselves. Goffee and Jones have identified 4 additional qualities of truly great leaders – they may not be what you are expecting.

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Investors agree that quality of leadership is crucial for high performance  David Wighton  Published in The Times June 2012

Invest in businesses that any idiot can run because, sooner or later, one will. Warren Buffett still likes to refer to his famous rule even though he frequently breaks it himself. The Sage of Omaha believes corporate leaders’ reputations have more to do with what business boat they got into than with how effectively they row.

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Leadership for the future: diversity, creativity and co-creation  Giles Hutchins  Published in The Guardian June 2012

Values-led leaders help create emotionally and mentally healthy organisations, where business goals are met without sacrificing personal values

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Women earn just 80% of men's pay, but there's light at the end of the tunnel: IBIS World

Short article by Madeleine Heffernan reporting on a study of Australia's top 2000 public and private companies.  The study finds there is still a significant pay differential between men and women and female dominated industries don't deliver the best pay for women.  The good news is that the trend is improving - and some sectors are achieving better results than others.

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What Makes a Leader a Great Leader?

In a global economic downturn and a competitive market, the one thing that willset your business apart from your competitors is successful leadership. But whatmakes a leader a great leader?

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An excellent program, it inspired me to fully expand my leadership role. Finance Manager, RTA.